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How to Swallow Pills by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan

"Over several years my students and I developed and tested a new method for teaching pill swallowing. We have now published an article based on our research and have developed videos to teach our new method. The new method involves learning to swallow with one's head in different positions, making it easier for medication to go down. The technique typically requires only 30 minutes to learn, followed by two weeks of that daily practice, usually just five minutes a night, using candy in each of the five positions. We have found it helps people figure out their favorite position if they write down how they feel during each practice session. You can download the rating sheets that we use by clicking on the link below. The method of off-center swallowing can be taught and learned easily but it must be emphasized that our studies have found that 14 days of repetition and practice are essential for success. Very few children ‘get it’ on the first day. Once the effort is put in, most people are pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective this method is. "

- Dr. Bonnie Kaplan                      

​​​​​Click here to download the 14 days of self-report forms

Click here for the journal article with results from the first ​four studies describing this approach to pill swallowing