"Autism is treatable" 
- Bernie Rimland, Ph.D.

"Everyone with autism can lead a successful life" 
- Jerry Newport, author of

"Your Life is Not a Label"​

New Study Results for Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Children with Autism

Watch a video presentation by Dr. James Adams and Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown for a family-friendly explanation of the results.
You can read the full article 
here and a

press release about the study by ASU Now here.



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​ Autism Nutrition Research Center 

     • A non-profit created by Professor Adams to provide autism families with the latest research and advice on nutrition

       and nutritional supplements.

     • Produces ANRC Essentials, an improved version of the vitamin/mineral supplement tested in clinical trials at

       Arizona State University and found to be beneficial for most children and adults with autism.

Treatment Information

     • Summary of Dietary, Nutritional, and Medical Treatments for Autism

​        -- Review of over 150 research studies. ARI Publication​    

            English Version      Spanish Version      French Version

     • Vitamin Mineral Supplements for Children and Adults with Autism

     • Treatment Effectiveness Survey -- Preliminary Results

     • Presentations from GR Conference September 2017
Biomedical Treatments

        -- Microbiota Transplant Therapy

General Information

     • Advice for Parents of Young Children with Autism

     • Research on Gut Bacteria of Children with Autism

     • Seizure Paper for Parents

     • Do I Have Asperger's?

     • Pill-Swallowing Videos by Professor Bonnie Kaplan

Adult Information

     • Vocational Survey of Adults with ASD in Arizona -- Includes recommendations for professionals and families

     • Job Survey and Recommendations Presentation

​     • Transition to Work -- Tips for Individuals with ASD and their Parents, Teachers, and Employers

     • Community College and College Options for Adults with AS​D

Preconception and Pregnancy Recommendations

     • Healthy Child Guide: Recommendations for reducing the risk of autism and other neurological and physical disorders.